Guy Kicks And Throws A Brick At His Dog, Caught On Video – Police Search For Him!



In today’s age, we can truly say that anyone with a phone has a video recorder, and that is incredibly powerful in the hunt to stamp out animal abusers, that is if we can then identify and find them…

Charges were filed against a man who allegedly abused a dog outside his apartment late last year, in Clark County, Indiana.

The problem is not so much identifying him as actually getting him into court to answer his charges.

The incident, that happened around the middle of December 2017, was at the Beckett Street Apartments in Clarksville. Someone recorded the video of the guy kicking and throwing a brick at his dog!

Thankfully though a neighbor took the dog to the local animal shelter and they scanned his microchip, the owner after located said the dog had gone missing from Louisville…

animal abuser

The dog thankfully seemed not too badly injured considering and sustained some cuts and light bruising.

The abuser in the video was identified as 20-year-old Joe Ware, charged with mutilation and animal cruelty, we hope he pays dearly for his awful acts!

If a conviction was successful he could have a sentence of two-and-a-half years in prison…

Jeremy Mull, the Clark County Prosecutor, really affirms that has not the time or patience for an animal abuser the likes of this guy.

Mull, the prosecutor, said:

“As a prosecutor, I simply will not tolerate someone being mean to an animal …Especially an animal that is posing no threat, or harm or risk to anyone.”

Ware is being asked to do the right thing and turn himself in…

Mull said he intends to prosecute Ware to the fullest extent of the law. He was released from Clark County Jail on Dec. 22 for another unrelated charge, and before the case’s investigation was finished.

Anyone with information, in this case, should contact the Clarksville Police Department at 812-288-7151.

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