He Was Strapped Down To A Wheeled Contraption, Unable To Move And Nobody Cared



Living on the streets is very difficult for the stray dogs of Lima, Peru. The number of homeless animals in this city is enormous and people seem not to care for them that much. Luckily, there are also those who are willing to go an extra mile when it comes to helping these helpless creatures.

A group of teenagers were casually walking around town when they came across a heartbreaking sight. A dog was strapped to a contraption at the metro station so tightly that he couldn’t even move an inch. They quickly rushed to set him free and hoped he would be able to fend for himself.

Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks later they saw the dog again. He was tied to the same contraption, and this time, they were determined to help him get rid of that person who was doing that to him.

They took it to the small shelter Milagros Perrunos that cares for disabled dogs founded by a loving young lady named Sara Moran.

The dog they later named Cabezoncito was about to get a second chance in life.

The first thing Sara did was take Cabezoncito at the vet’s. The news she received was devastating. The poor animal was very sick. Despite having adrenal insufficiency, he also had a spinal injury that prevented him from walking ever again. His body was sore as he was forced to urinate on himself while he was tied down.

Sara was aware the treatments would cost a lot, but she couldn’t leave Cabezoncito suffer, so she did everything in her power to afford the medications and the so much needed surgery.

Once Cabezoncito started feeling better, Sara had another surprise for him. She made him a wheelchair that would help him walk again.

Imagine the joy the sweet dog felt after he learned he was finally pain free and able to run.

He now spends his days at Sara’s property and gets to hang around with the rest of the dogs. What’s most, Cabezoncito even took part in a marathon.

Sara says, “Cabezoncito is a great warrior!”

“In spite of everything he suffered, he is very loving and sociable with people. Cabezoncito gives us a great lesson of love and courage for life.”

We are so happy for this lovely dog. We hope he’ll never learn of pain and neglect ever again.

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