Helpless Creature Thanks Man for Freeing Its Head from a Can –


We tend to forget that this planet isn’t exclusively ours but we share it with other living creatures. By littering and leaving our trash behind we don’t make animals’ live any easier but hurt them in ways unimaginable.

The little guy from our story ended up with a can on his head and had hard time trying to free himself. I don’t say that someone put it there on purpose, because chances are this animal was sniffing around people’s trash, but we can all at least smash such cans before throwing them away and prevent incidents like this one from taking place.

Luckily for our little fellow, he ended up in the backyard of a kind-hearted man who rushed to rescue him once he heard the screams for help.

When the man took the can off, he was greeted by two shiny eyes that stared at him.

The animal in question was the cutest fox cub that refused to leave the yard. He probably felt secure with his savior and decided to stick around for a while as a sign of thank you.

You can take a look at the whole story in the video below.

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