Man is asked to walk the dog, figures they should go sledding while out


What does it take to be happy? A man, a dog, and some snow, apparently.When this guy was asked to take the dog for a walk, he decided to make the most out of that sunny day and the piles of snow. The best thing of all is that he put everything on tape so that we could enjoy ourselves too.

He takes his jacket off and starts sliding down the hill on it. The poor dog has no idea what is going on, but decides to follow his human daddy by running after him.

walk the dog
The wife finds this hilarious and puts the video on YouTube writing: “It’s as cold as ice here ! Yes he is sliding on his jacket. Wait for the 2nd run!”

The dog is catching up with daddy and treats him with a juicy lick on the face. This canine is definitely up for an adventure.

It’s really amazing seeing an owner and his dog spending quality time together. Take a look at the unique bonding in the video below.


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