Nasty Man Grabs 3 Dogs By Their Tail And Flings Them Out Of Car Like Trash On Rural Road



The wide public was left horrified after a CCTV footage of a man dumping dogs out of his vehicle emerged in the media. 

The incident took place on Labor Day near a rural county road in Oklahoma. The video was proceeded to the McClain County Sheriff’s Office by a resident named Joe Fleming. 

The poor animals are left in confusion and have no idea what is going on. 

Luckily, after the story spread, Dana Scott of Helping Paws Animal Rescue offered to take the dogs in and provide them with a shelter. There, the canines were neutered and spayed and one of them was adopted just days after the incident. The rest of the dogs are still waiting for someone to welcome them in their life. 

Dana says how it wasn’t for the first time for someone to dump their dogs at this particular place as it is known as a dumping ground. Throughout the eight years of working with the organization, Dana managed to save more than 1100 abandoned dogs.

This is a case of severe animal abuse and neglect and authorities are currently trying to track the monster down. They are asking the public to help them identify the cruel man so that he could be brought to justice as soon as possible. 

He deserves nothing more than to spend his life behind bars. 

For more information on the case check the video below. 

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