Owner Wanted Her Great Dane To Appear ‘More Approachable’ – So She Dyed Her Pink


Jessica Williams of Kentucky loves her dog so very much. Her Great Dane named Drama is a gentle giant that enjoys being around people. Sadly, because of her ‘huge’ appearance, people are afraid to approach her and give her the affection she strives for. 

Now, before you judge Jessica, let us tell you that the color she used is 100% organic and bought at a specialized saloon.

The color only lasts for a few weeks and gradually fades with each bath.

Whenever the two are taking a walk, people gather around Drama and want to pet her and touch her. Needless to say, the dog loves the attention she gets from the passersby.

The photos of Drama vent viral after Jessica shared them with the Facebook group ‘Dogspotting Society.’

People’s opinions of Drama’s new looks were divided. While some believed she looked incredibly cute, others say dying animals is a cruel thing to do.

When people asked her why she did that to her dog, Jessica’s answer was, “Because I can.”

She says she doesn’t care what people say and she plans on putting another color on Drama once this one fades away completely as she knows it won’t harm her sweet dog in any way.

What do you think of Jessica’s action? Would you ever dye your pet? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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