Panda “Daycare” Is Real And It’s Probably The Most Adorable Place On The Earth – PAWS PLANET



A special breeding center for pandas in China might be one of the cutest places on the planet, where cute tiny pandas are living, playing with toys, kicking balls and climbing on playgrounds.
This ‘daycare’ center is located at the Chengdu Research Base in China. It is incredibly important for the preservation of the endangered giant pandas – one of the most famous endangered species in the world.
Each panda cub is special not just because of how adorable they are, but also because of how hard it is to take care of them. Due to their slow breeding nature, females only able to conceive one every few years, and they only give birth to one cub every two years.
Breeding and nurturing pandas are no easy work, yet everyone at the center is doing their best to improve their drastically low numbers in the wild (since numbers of wild pandas have dwindled to under 2,000 recently).
Scroll down to visit this place and see the cute pandas. Get ready for a cuteness overload! Nothing could be more adorable than meeting a bunch of cuddly and beautiful pandas.
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