Police call on public to help find puppy stolen from ER nurse’s home



Police are appealing for help in finding a puppy stolen from a healthcare worker on the frontlines of the battle against coronavirus.

According to reports, Max, an 11-week-old Malinois pup, was stolen on Saturday from the home of Shaila Sheikh in Concord, California.

Authorities have now put out word for the public to assist them in the search for Max, who is believed to have been taken by a man on a bike while Shaila was at work.

Concord Police Department

Shaila, an emergency room nurse, told CNN: “I was heartbroken,” she said. “Max was helping us start over as a family. I had just moved and it was my kids and me. We had started a new chapter, and Max was an early birthday present for my son.”

As of Tuesday, there have been no updates as to Max’s disappearance. Shaila says her kids are devastated:

“(They) miss him so much,” she said. “I’m still holding on to hope. My family coworkers and friends are super supportive and have help raised reward money.”

How anyone could do this is beyond me, let alone when the world needs us to come together more than ever. Shaila says there has been a void left by Max’s disappearance, describing the family home as having a “hole” where he used to be.

Please let us help the authorities by finding the evil soul responsible for this.

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