Puppy locked in a cold dungeon gets to bask in the sunshine for the first time


What every dog in this world deserves is a loving home and people who would know how to appreciate the loyalty and the endless love these furry animals can give. Unfortunately, not everyone treats dogs with the respect they are worthy of. Recently, Viktor Larkhill and his rescue team were alerted about a dog whom they believed was mistreated by their owners. Sadly, it was the most severe case of neg**ct these people have ever seen. The poor creature was kept in a cold dungeon of a filthy and dark basement.


Puppy locked

His eyes looked sad, but the rescuers could also see sparks of hope in them. Could this beautiful soul feel these people were there to help? We guess yes, as he was willing to surrender himself in their hands. The rescuers showed him the so much needed kindness, and provided him with the best medical treatment. To everyone’s surprise, in just six weeks, little Toby’s fur started growing back and he already looked like a new dog. This was a good sign. He was about to recover completely as his spirit was never broken, despite his ordeal. 

Toby felt way better already, but the doctors said how his leg couldn’t heal and required a surgery. Thankfully, it went well. This sweet dog finally got his happy ending after he was adopted by a man who loves him tremendously. Our little savior got to spend his day enjoying all the affection he’s surrounded with, as well as playing around with his furry sibling.

You can take a look at the whole story in the video below. It contains parts of the actual surgery so proceed with caution.


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