Stray Mama Dog Found Lying in Foot of Snow, Protecting Her Puppies from the Cold –



One loving and devoted mother showed us once again that the love they have for their little ones can’t be compared to anything else.

A mother dog was found in the snow together with her six puppies. As the weather conditions were severe, the mother was doing all in her power to keep her babies warm. The people who spotted the dog family decided to take all of them away from that secluded place in Minnesota and brought them to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue.

The mommy dog was named Snowbelle. Sadly, because of the cold weather and her inability to find food, she stopped producing milk and her three-week-old puppies were starving.

But that all changed the moment they found themselves in the safe hands of the shelter staff who gave the mommy very healthy nutrients and helped her get her milk back.

Snowbelle was around her puppies until they turned eight weeks old after which she was adopted by a caring family.

Some of her babies found their forever homes too, and the rest are still waiting for their happy ending.

Snowbelle is an incredible mother. We are still not sure whether she was a stray dog or someone dumped her there in the snow when she was first spotted, but that’s not even important right now. All that matters is that the family got a second chance for a better life.


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