Surveillance Footage Shows Guy Dumping Skeletal Neglected Puppy On The Street Late At Night



A person driving a four-door, dark-colored sedan was caught dumping a severely neglected dog on the streets in the middle of the night and now authorities are urging the wide public to provide them with any valuable information on who that person might be.

The reward for identifying the animal abuser was initially a $5,000 but now it doubled, and it would hopefully help bring the wrongdoer to justice.

Chris Schindler, vice president of field services with the Humane Rescue Alliance spoke about this case saying, “This was long-term neglect; a dog doesn’t get into this type of body condition overnight … it was touch or go for a while on whether he would survive, but I’m happy to report that we provided emergency care, and he seems to have turned the corner.”

Looking at the severely neglected and undernourished dog, we can’t help by wonder what ordeal he had to go through under the care of his irresponsible and cruel owner.

Currently, the dog whom they now named Shepherd is recovering from his poor health condition at a rehab center. Unfortunately, the road to a complete healing will be a long one, but what is important is that Shepherd is willing to do what it takes to be healthy again.

He already gained 6 pounds at the shelter and it’s just the first step towards his new life.

At the time he was spotted on the streets, Shepherd wore a harness with a skull and crossbones. Authorities believe this information may help in identifying his owner.

If you have any information, please call the Humane Rescue Alliance at 202-723-5730, and press option 1. The incident took place in Washington D.C.

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