Terrible Case Of Abuse, Like Has Never Been Seen Before!



Authorities were called to a rural property after a medium-sized brown dog was discovered on a chain at the property, the chain was just inches long, but that really was not the worse of all…

The poor doggie was standing in a pile of excrement and urine, he couldn’t escape it with the length of his chain, the ‘SCPA’ animal rescue group were completely shocked…

The rescue group is calling it one of the worse cases they have ever witnessed, and it really is a horrific case of abuse, they are urging authorities for the maximum penalty to be enforced!

The SPCA said that it’s the most… “profoundly shocking and disturbing” cases!

The owners Anderson Joe and Melissa Tooshley will each face charges of animal cruelty, their dog was not so fortunate to even…

animal abuse

SPCA Chief Prevention Officer Marcie Moriarty said:

“As they got closer there was an overpowering stench and they realized that not only was the dog severely emaciated, but his collar was deeply embedded into his neck, causing massive infection.”

The wounds were deeply infected and the dog’s head swollen to almost three times its normal size, he was in such pain!

Even more sadly the doggie couldn’t be saved, he was too far gone, and even though the vets did all they could for him, just a few days after his rescue he died.

Anderson Joe and Melissa Tooshley are likely to face in the region of five years in prison, they may also receive a fine of $10,000 and without any hesitation to say if they are convicted a lifetime ban on owning animals.

People are gathering together to assemble a petition, it says:

“We are petitioning Crown Council and our local MLA Doug Routley to ask that the maximum penalty is imposed on Anderson Joe and Melissa Tooshley for their horrific act of animal abuse. If convicted, Joe and Tooley face a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison, a $10,000 fine and up to a lifetime ban on owning animals.”

The petition, called ‘Justice for Teddy’, has already nearly reached its target goal, let’s hope it’s successful!

Teddy we hope at last you find your peace on the other side of the rainbow!


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