This Angry Feline Is Being Called The World’s New ‘Grumpy Cat’



The Internet was understandably saddened to learn about the passing of the original Grumpy Cat. It was one of the toughest recent pieces of news to endure. Fortunately, there is a brand new Grumpy Cat who is looking to take on the mantle. Louis is one of the most grumpy animals that we have ever seen! He’s from Austin, Texas and he wears a look of permanent annoyance.

We cannot get enough of his hilarious facial expressions. “Louis is a full breed Persian”, says his owner Michelle. She even says that people will ask her if the cat’s facial expressions are caused by a genetic condition. They even tell her that he looks a lot like an old man who somehow became a cat. We can’t lie to you, we can definitely see where these people are coming from.

He’s got eyes that look like big marbles. Louis also loves squinting. For all we know, he might be perfectly happy and this is just how his face happens to look. Some believe that Louis has a grumpy demeanor because he is tired of dealing with his sibling. Monae loves to bother him. She’s always had the upper hand over her brother and doesn’t she know it?

The Lynx Point Siamese is quite the bully. According to Michelle, it has been this way ever since she first brought Monae home. Even though Monae was just a baby at the time, she was still able to pester a fully grown Louis. Perhaps he would be in a better mood if he was able to enjoy a moment’s peace? Anyone with siblings of their own can definitely relate to this one.

While she may like to pester her brother, it all comes from a place of love. Louis’ face may cause people to think that he is unhappy but in reality? He could not be a more happy or playful cat. Maybe he can still become the world’s next Grumpy Cat after all. This is a major void that needs to be filled and there are no shortage of cats who are vying for the position.

Hopefully, this iconic cat’s spirit can continue to live on through cats like our pal Louis here. In the meantime, please be sure to share this awesome story with your closest friends and loved ones. If they are anything like us, then they are sure to appreciate Louis’ hilarious facial expressions.

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