Tick-Infested Puppies Were Discovered, Thanks To Volunteers



They were thankfully in good hands.

This is the wonderful life-changing story of a puppy named Thelma, who was dumped in the middle of nowhere along with her canine sibling, Louise. She and her sister were then found by volunteers who happened to spot them in a field which was located along the outskirts of Athens, Greece.

The two young pups were found to be less than 2 months’ old, and were also in a horrid condition – their bodies were heavily infested with ticks!

Caring volunteers knew that the two greatly needed medical help, thus they brought them to SCARS’s headquarters (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society).

After rounds of medicated baths and some medicine, the two puppies’ infestations were gone. The burning question was, what would happen to them now? SCARS staff decided to ultimately, give them another chance at life by raising, training and caring them until they are able to get permanently adopted into a loving family!

The new environment was great for the two puppies. As both Louise and Thelma grew, staff noticed that Thelma was always the shy one. Louise was the exact opposite. As a result, the time eventually came for Louise to bid Thelma farewell – she had been officially adopted.

Thelma was crushed, and was already painfully shy. Thankfully, she was extremely close with a volunteer named Thalia – but no one else could go near her.

Thelma had to be properly trained and socialized before getting adopted, and she started making progress bit by bit as the days went by.

It worked, and Thelma was a greatly changed dog. She is now a happy and confident dog who is eager to please and meet others. Under the guidiance of fellow canines and her foster dad, Thelma loves her new life in a proper home -and was ready to be adopted.

After bidding those who helped to raise and care for her (including Thalia), Thelma was off to meet and live with her new family – all the way in Germany! Today, she is truly, the happiest she had ever been!

Watch the puppies in the video below!

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