Two Lion Brothers Freed From Life Of Cruelty Embrace One Another


The circus is a place where many people have fun watching all those tricks that the animals are performing, not being aware of the truth behind the curtains. The animals who are part of the show are in most cases severely neglected and undernourished, as well as beaten and kept in tiny cages. No animal should ever be caged and taken the right to live freely in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, the number of animals in the circus is pretty high.

Pancho and Temuco are two lion brothers who were recently saved by the rescuers of Animal Defenders International from the cruel circus life in Bolivia. When they were found, both of them were thirsty and starving. The sight was devastating; the king of the jungle living in a tiny cage.

Once the poor animals were rescued and offered food, the plan was to provide them with medical treatment and eventually, release them in the wild, or place them in a sanctuary. When the brothers realized they were saved they started hugging and joyfully playing with each other.

The brothers were now free to start a new life in the specialized sanctuary in Colorado, where they will be taken care of. Pancho and Temuco are happy to be noticed by the ADI’s staff who stood for the animals’ rights and gave them a second chance for a better life.

The brothers will be spending the rest of their days running around outdoors, feeling the sun and the fresh air.

If you want to learn more, take a look at he video released by the rescue organization.

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