University Hosted A Graduation Ceremony For Its Cat Mascot Before He Moved To His Forever Home PAWS PLANET



De La Salle, a university located in central Manilain, Philippines recently held a graduation ceremony for a special student. This wasn’t an average ceremony held each year honoring the graduating classes. This was to honor Archer, an adorable cat mascot who had guarded the campus for 6 years before he moved to his forever home for medical reasons.

Archer was born in 2013, he was a stray ginger boy found lounging near the campus’s North Gate. With his piercing gaze and aloof demeanor, Archer claimed his place in everyone’s hearts as the King of all the campus cats. Students at the university often release their stress with a quick Archer visit. What’s better to calm your blood pressure than a happy purring kitty?!

In 2014, Archer met a special friend, Ate Jenny and was assigned as a security guard located in a building near the North gate. “He is too friendly,” she says, describing Archer, also known as ‘the security cat.’ “He will approach you, but if you don’t have food, he will scratch,” a student warns.

For years, everyone is familiar with the appearance of the orange and white cat that roams around the halls and gates of the university campus. However, come March 27, students will have to say goodbye to their friend as he is to be moved into another facility.

Due to the state of Archer’s health condition, everyone decided to have him rehomed. He will be moved into another home where he can get the proper treatment for his medical conditions. “We can’t guarantee he won’t be fed human food [if he stays] which is bad for his fatty liver level,” Professor Laureen Velasco told local media.

But before Archer leaves the campus, university heads decided to have a celebration for the ginger-and-white cat. Archer was dressed the part and was even presented with a lifetime alumni card, according to reports.

Although Archer’s relocation might be the best way to help him, his departure is filled with bittersweet smiles. And we hope that you’ll get better in your new home, Archer!

h/t: Cole & Marmalade