Vets Amputated Dog’s Front Legs After Car Accident — But Her Transformation Was Unexpected


This is the story of a dog named Cora Rose, who was unfortunately involved in a car accident whilst on her own. Saved from the side of the road by animal rescuers, Cora Rose quickly received medical aid – but luck was not on her side. Vets had to amputate one of her infected front legs in order to save her life. Her pelvis bone was also shattered along with her front legs as a result of the accident, which was most likely a car collision.

Despite the successful surgery, many doubted Cora Rose would live, not even for a few months down the road as her remaining front leg also had to be amputated. Medical staff proceeded to transfer Cora Rose to a local rescue organization named Marley’s Mutts, where they hoped that someone could help her live again.

A couple, Zach and Heather Skow, offered to take Cora Rose home and to assist in her recuperation. Things looked glum for her, but the dog herself never gave up. Despite losing her two front legs, Cora Rose learnt to get up slowly and try to walk around using only her hind legs.

The couple also tried their best to make sure Cora Rose fits in just right in their home, where she would be safe, content and happy.

They even got Cora Rose a new wheelchair to help ease her difficulty in mobility.

According to the couple, Cora Rose is like part of their family now. She gets along well with the 3 others dogs they own, and especially with the family cat!

And no one can be more proud of the progress she has made other than her new family!

“Anyone she comes in contact with, she puts a smile on their faces,” the Skow family remarked happily. “She’s by far the happiest dog!”

Vets Amputated Dog

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