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When we make the decision not to quit on someone, incredible things happen.

One pregnant mother dog was placed at a shelter just a couple of days before her due date. When she gave birth to her puppies, one seemed a bit different than the rest of the litter and everyone assumed he wouldn’t make it.

Guinness’ size was half that of the rest of his siblings.

Just a day into the world, this runt showed signs of breathing problems. He had difficulties moving and stopped breathing at some point. One of the shelter workers rushed to him and performed CPR on him.

Luckily, the tiny and fragile Pit Bull started breathing again. Knowing the shelter wasn’t the perfect place for Guinness, the worker asked her boss whether she could take him home. He gave her the green light, and that was the beginning of the new life for the little guy.

The first thing Guinness’ new human mommy did was give him a formula milk. Being a runt, it was very likely his dog mum didn’t nurse him, so he was in need of food.

Guinness latched onto the bottle and drank it whole with enthusiasm. Luckily, just days after he was placed in his new home, his health improved. From being on the brink of death, to turning into an incredibly happy and vibrant puppy, Guinness proved everyone that with the right person by his side everything was possible.

When Guinness started walking, his rescuer noticed he was using his front legs only. But over time and lots of exercises, he was able to use his hind legs too.

As time passed by, Guinness’ mommy realized he would grow into a huge dog. That is something that made her incredibly happy and proud. His transformation from a fragile runt to a gorgeous Pit Bull reminds us of the Disney’s story. But this time, we got to witness magic happening in real life, outside the screens and the books.

Guinness’ rescuer couldn’t imagine her life without her loving dog and adopted him.

He was lucky this incredible woman entered his life. It’s safe to say she’s one of the best dog owners we know of.

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