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It’s currently “kitten season,” the time of year when shelters take in the most kittens. So, it isn’t an unusual thing when people surrender more kittens at this time. However, the Paris Animal Shelter in Texas was shocked when a woman took a box filled with 39 very tiny kittens to the shelter.

According to the woman, she stumbled upon 39 kittens that had been abandoned in her backyard while she was out doing some work. The kittens all ranged in age from around 3 to 8 weeks old, and their conditions varied as well. Some of them were underweight, dehydrated, flea-ridden and suffering from diarrhea, but some were surprisingly healthy.

The staff at the shelter were overwhelmed as taking care of 39 newborn kittens was a very tall order, but they didn’t hesitate to help. Thankfully, the animal lover community in their area had stepped up to take a share of the kittens. “The rescue offers came flooding in pretty quickly,” Stephanie Ann said.

Ten other animal rescue groups stepped in to help the shelter save the kittens including Paws of Love Animal Rescue, Awwdoptables, Kaley’s Place Cat Rescue, A Voice for All Paws, Home Rescue, Texas Little Cuties, Saving Hope, East Lake Pet Orphanage, Trophy Club Texas Animals and Hearts of Life.

“We’re used to a high intake but obviously something of this magnitude is extremely hard and sparks panic,” Stephanie Ann, a volunteer at the Paris Animal Shelter, told The Dodo. “I knew that social media was going to be our best bet at getting these kittens to safety as quickly as possible.”

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Thankfully, within only a few days of arriving at the shelter, all 39 kittens were safe in foster homes, and the shelter is so grateful to everyone who stepped in to help. The kittens are becoming more and more comfortable and playful by the day. They’ll all be up for adoption and find wonderful forever homes.

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