This Baby Horse Was Dying Until Rescuers Gave Him A Fighting Chance


This is the story of a foal named Buddy who was rescued from the miserable conditions in which his owners kept him along with other horses. The poor baby was on the verge of death when the rescuers came to his help.

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Baby Horse

His health condition was pretty concerning as he only weighted a third of what he was supposed to weight. His body was so weak that he could barely stand on his legs.


Buddy was given blood transfusion and medications for the sores on his fragile body. The rescuers from Horse World Trust never gave up on him, and thanks to all the love they surrounded him with, Buddy became happy and healthy. His transformation is really stunning. 

A couple of years after the rescue took place, Buddy was adopted and got a family. We are so happy people care for all the animals, including the gorgeous horses.



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