Dog Beaten On Side Of Road Didn’t Have The Strength To Run Away From Her Abusers


Meet Sally, the dog who was given a new chance for a better life. This poor soul had a rough start early in life and ended up in the hands of people who treated her very badly. She was beaten and starved, and lacked energy. Sally was so weak at the time of her rescue that she couldn’t gather any strength to run away from her abusers.


Luckily, at the moment the two women were hitting her and chasing her onto the road, probably trying to get her under a vehicle or something, the rescuers from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue from Bulgaria were on their way to their shelter and pulled their car the moment they spotted the gruesome sight. 

Dog Beaten

When they confronted the abusers, they said how they thought the dog was dead already. But Sally was pretty much alive, and was willing not to quit, but keep fighting for her life.

Once at the shelter, she was provided with medications for her mange, and was cleaned from the fleas. It was obvious it’s been a while since she’s last eaten, so the shelter staff gave her food and some nice treats.

Dog Beaten

Once she started feeling better, Sally felt confident to express her bubbly personality in front of those who rescued her and her new furry friends. This sweet dog was lucky to be saved, and even luckier to find a forever home in a very short amount of time. 

We are happy to inform you how Sally is now enjoying her life to the fullest. She can rest assured that no one will hurt her ever again.

Below is the whole story. Make sure you see Sally’s transformation from a sad pup to a happy one.

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