Giant Gorilla Becomes Best Buds With Littlest Bush Baby


The Ape or Giant Gorilla Action Africa’s Mefou Primate Sanctuary cares for at least 300 rescued animals, and every morning there is a lot of work to be done for each day.

But recently one of the caregivers went to check on the gorillas and found out they had discovered something very unusual.

Giant Gorilla

Bobo, a western lowland gorilla, who arrived back in 94 after his mom was killed by poachers is now the dominant male of his group. This giant showed his gentleness by cradling a tiny wild bush baby he’d discovered in the forest.

Giant Gorilla

Giant Gorilla

“Our silverback gorilla Bobo made a surprising new friend this week — a wild bush baby!” Ape Action Africa wrote on Facebook. “Caregivers discovered him cradling the tiny primate during their morning checks, and were amazed to see him handling it with the utmost care.”

Giant Gorilla

“The bush baby showed no fear of Bobo — moving around his body and spending time hopping around in an open grassy area, before choosing to return to Bobo.”

Soon, the other gorillas became curious about Bobo’s tiny new friend and came over to take a look.

“Bobo’s group-mates were desperately curious, particularly his favorite female Avishag, but he kept them all at a distance, making sure that no one disturbed his new friend,” the sanctuary wrote. “Bush babies are usually nocturnal so it is very rare to see one, and even rarer to witness this kind of interaction. The little bush baby was happy to play in Bobo’s arms, hopping off to explore the grass nearby, before returning to Bobo’s hand.”

Nearly two hours of playing together Bobo knew it was time for his tiny friend to go.

“When the game was over, Bobo walked purposefully off on two legs to deliver his friend safely back into the trees,” the sanctuary wrote.

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