Little Girl Tries To Teach Her Great Dane To Sit For Treats And She’s Delighted That It Works



What all young children find satisfaction in is copying their parents’ behavior. Well, I guess it’s like that until they grow up and realize that the ‘adult world’ isn’t as fun as they once thought so.

Anyways, in the video below we see a cute little girl trying to imitate her mommy and daddy giving commands to the family’s Great Dane.

She tries to make the dog sit down by offering him treats.

Seeing the two standing by each other’s side is too cute to handle. She’s so tiny compared to the gentle giant who is more than willing to play along with his human’s sibling plan just to get a treat.

Oh, she’s so excited to be giving the dog commands that she can’t stop giggling. She waves with the food in her hand as she says, “Sit, sit.” And, to her surprise, the dog does exactly what she tells him to.

That makes the little cutie even more thrilled. She just can’t hide her happiness.

We have to agree that there is something very special in the relationships between young children and dogs. They complement each other so well!

Take a look at the sweet video below and get ready to have some good laugh!

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