Pregnant Horse Is Ready To Give Birth – Vets Call What Comes Out A ‘Miracle’


Emma is a mother horse who gave birth to twins. This may not sound unusual to those who are not familiar with the fact that this occurrence is extremely rare at horses. In fact, the Center for Equine Health states how very high number of such pregnancies end in miscarriage within the first six weeks, and around 80 percent of those that pass this period are likely to suffer spontaneous abortion in the eighth month of the pregnancy. This should give you a clearer image of why welcoming twins at horses is called a miracle of nature.

Pregnant Horse

Although it’s not that uncommon for a horse to conceive twins, what is very unusual is for both babies to survive. It has been reported how during certain time of the pregnancy, the embryos “fight” for space inside the mother’s womb, and only one is the winner. When this happens, the mother horse undergoes a surgery through which the dead embryo is removed from her body. Unfortunately, when a horse experiences late abortion, it may result in trauma, infection, further health complications, as well as reduced fertility.

The percentage of human twins is around 27, whereas in horses it only happens once in 10,000 births. That is why the case of Emma was considered a real wonder. The last case of twin foals was documented back in 2009, and Emma’s babies were welcomed into the world 10 years later. There is no other known case in between this span in the UK.

The newborn foals were named Will and Grace and they are perfectly healthy babies. We hope they will turn into happy horses and will live a long life around all those people who love them so very much. Emma’s owner was most surprised of all as he had no idea she was carrying twins until the moment they were born.


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