Stray puppy finally relaxes when woman reaches to pet her


It’s been said that cats are those who choose their owners, but in the case of this sweet stray pup, this belief happened to be true for dogs too. When a woman named Jillian was taking the trash out on a Friday night, she spotted an animal hiding behind a bush.

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Stray puppy

It was a beautiful dog that was obviously scared and confused. She felt the urge to run to it, but she knew that could scare the animal even more, so she headed towards it very carefully. But, as the dog felt someone was approaching, it started running. Jillian, however, wanted to make sure the animal knew she wasn’t there to hurt it, so she started talking to it, and to her surprise, the dog just stood there and listened before it disappeared.

The following day, Jillian could spot the dog again, but this time it felt like the animal knew this woman was there to help.

Stray puppy

Jillian was determined to get closer to the dog so she came up with a plan, and it worked just perfectly because it involved some food.

“When I turned around to head back inside, I realized she was following me at a distance,” Jillian told the Dodo. “That was when I figured I could get her to trust me. I got a bowl of water and some dog food and left them in the corner of my yard before walking a safe distance away.”

This treat was the best thing the dog could get. Once it ate the food, it started following Jillian, but made sure to keep a safe distance.

Jillian wasn’t sure whether the dog would be there the following day, but in case it did, she and her husband knew exactly what to do in order for them to become friends.

“We got some more dog food and left a trail for her to follow back into our yard, where I fed her again,” she said. “This time, I sat close to the food. I expected her to run away after she ate, but instead she stayed next to me and even started sniffing me!”

“When I got up, she followed me all the way into my backyard and sat next to me,” Jillian added. “I’ve never had a stray dog warm up to me like this. She was just waiting for someone to give her a chance.”

This final encounter was enough for Jillian to be 100% positive she wanted to keep the dog. They named her Luna and she’s now an important part of the family.

“We decided to keep her because we are softies who can’t say no,” she said. “I’ve also always loved pit bull mixes so I fell in love with Luna right away.”

It looks like Luna loves her new life and is eager to learn how to socialize with humans.

“Luna seems to be really smart,” Jillian said. “She learned her name in one day and is already responding to some basic commands, even though it was clear that nobody had taught them to her before.”

The family is certain how Luna is the best thing that happened to them. They feel like she’s been part of their life since forever.

“She’s still a little scared, especially of loud noises like doors closing, but she is the sweetest,” Jillian said. “She loves to run around with us in the backyard and to snuggle up and give us kisses when we sit down.”

Luna’s story should be spread around so that many people see how great of pets stray animals can make.

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