These Adorable Sphynx Photos Will Change Every Sphynx-Haters’ Mind PAWS PLANET



Many people find Sphynx cats to be so damn ugly, creepy or even evil. Probably because they have gaunt, angular faces, alien-like eyes and hairless skin. Instead of seeing a soft, furry coat, you will see every little wrinkle, bulge, dangly bit, tendon, and bone.

However, anyone who owns a Sphynx knows that this elegant creature can’t be viewed through that lens. While they are definitely unconventional looking when compared to fluffy cat breeds, that doesn’t make them any less lovable. This sphynx kitten is so tiny that it can even fit in the palm of a hand.

“Sphynx cat” as a breed was first developed in Canada in the 1960s through selective breeding. Because they have no coat, they lose more body heat than coated cats. This makes them warm to touch as well as heat-seeking. That’s why they’re always happy to cuddle up with you.

Scroll down to see this adorable collection of hairless Sphynx kittens. They will change every Sphynx-hater’s mind and prove that “bald is beautiful!” Look at this adorably ugly little froot bat and let us know what you think!

h/t: Bored Panda

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