Homeless Puppy Is Overcome With Joy When A Jogger Approaches Him On The Street


At certain point in our life we are sort of destined to meet people or even animals who have the power to change it. This is what happened to a sweet, tiny puppy who was staying by the road. The beautiful white dog was found by a man who would jog the same route every day, and that day, he was in the right place, at the right time. But this was the first time for him to come across that puppy in the area, which could mean that it was either dumped there by someone or it got lost.

Based on how it reacted when it saw the jogger, he was almost certain that it was abandoned by its owner, because it was obvious it was a pet, and not a stray dog.


At one moment it tried to hide in the tall grass, but once the man started running, the puppy followed.


The dog was over the moon to be finally noticed by a good Samaritan who decided to help. It was wagging its tail the whole time, running around in excitement, and producing unusual, but funny sounds, as though it was trying to thank the nice man.


Once the puppy was given food, water, and a nice rubbing on the belly, the jogger called the local animal rescue and informed them of the event. The staff from the rescue group were happy to take the dog in and try to find him a loving home.


The dog was so precious and eager to be around humans that it was quickly adopted by his forever family.

We are glad for this puppy’s happy ending, but we are still concerned that a lot of people keep abandoning their pets on the streets and in animal shelters. While this puppy was lucky to cross paths with the nice jogger, others don’t share his destiny and continue living as stray dogs till the rest of their life.

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